Great Team!

Nick Speegle has helped me tremendously. When I started going to him I was in pain from 9 years of being a dental asst. I am no longer in pain and am getting better every time I see him. I highly recommend his office.

- Crystal B

Incredible office and great treatment!

We love the staff and all the treatment has made such an incredible difference in our lives! My daughter has been able to work harder because she feels amazing and secure a volleyball scholarship. Without the card and support Dr Speegle has given her we know this would not have been possible.

- Diana L

Healing Hands

Dr. Speegle devotes his heart, soul, and strong hands into each of his treatments. His desire to provide evidenced practice to help others heal is evident in the various forms of modalities and interventions he uses within his clinic. Very knowledgeable and effective. Janet the receptionist is great and an amazing massage therapist is also on hand to make for a great therapeutic experience.

- Ken C

The Best Chiropractor In Albuquerque!

Dr. Speegle is not only knowledgeable about proper chiropractic care, but he also has a true understanding of how the body functions, and how to integrate various forms of treatment to help get you back on your feet. Through continual visits I have seen great improvement in my overall health and couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Dr. Speegle!

- K.T.

Great work!

I walked into Dr. Speegle's office hunched over due to an issue with my back and walked out standing tall after an adjustment, some stretching and dry needling. What a great chiropractor!

- P.M.

Awesome Chiropractor!

Gentle adjustments, stretching techniques and trigger point needling provided me with much needed pain relief. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Speegle!

- Shannon I

Back in Business (no pun intended)

I went to see Dr. Speegle regarding a back spasm that I had been struggling with for a few days after a workout. Nick was able to stop the pain immediately and get me comfortable within minutes. Not only did he stop the pain, but he explained what it was that I was doing to cause it. With this new information I will be able to avoid back pain in the future, and will be focusing on building better core strength.

- Leigh A

Getting old

I went in to see Nick for back issues. Nick not only healed my back but also shoulder issues and a shin pain that had been bothering me my whole life. I recommend Nick to everyone I know

- Shawn B

Excellent doc!

Dr. Speegle is an amazing chiropractor. He is incredibly knowledgeable and incorporates new age, alternative methods into his practice. I am a long distance runner and he has helped make me better and stronger! The special care and attention he takes with all that is associated with long distance running, especially the injuries, is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Speegle to anyone!

- Brandy L

Awesome Chiropractor

Dr. Speegle is great. He treats the problem and not just the symptoms. He listens to what is bothering you and works to find out why so you can get on the proper road to recovery

- Pat K

Dr Speegle is the best

Dr Speegle has helped me with my chronic shoulder and neck pain. I look forward to going every month.

- Tina V

Wonderful Staff and Healing!

I came to Speegle Sport and Spine because of a nagging sciatic condition that I thought could never be cured. I've seen Dr. Nick Speegle 3 times and already I am experiencing a noticeable difference in my ability to move in ways that have been difficult for over 2 years. The reception staff (Jordan and Rose) are kind and thoughtful.

- Judy K

Excellent Care and Service!

Dr. Speegle treated my back spasm with dry needling technique and eased an 8 week chronic issue in one treatment. his knowledge is impressive and his ability to understand, and treat, the underlying issue is exemplary. Highly recommend him to anyone for chiropractic and therapeutic pain relief.

- Mary M


I’ve been in pain for a very long time. Now ‘I’m almost pain free and only after 3 treatments. Unbelievable!!! I would highly recommend these doctors!!

- G.K

Problems from head to toes

Dr. Speegle and Dr. Maestas have numbers nothing short of amazing. I have a lot of mobility issues from previous injuries while serving as a paratrooper in the army and from playing rugby. Dr. Speegle and Dr. Maestas have both treated my injuries and helped me keep my body mobile, flexible and functional. They both have shown me mobility issues I didn’t even know I had that were contributing to the bigger problems with the rest of my body. Very happy with my results, two thumbs up.

- Sergio S

Can't say enough good things...

My brief time at Speegle Sport and Spine has been more positive and influential in my growth than my previous 15 years under chiropractic care. The combination approach taken by everyone in the office (along with individualized care) has been tremendously helpful. In addition, they are prompt and allow enough time for each patient to get the time in that they need. I've waited upwards of 45 minutes or more at other chiropractors over the years - never here. My subject line says it all

- L.M

Wonderful Care

My family and I have seen 3 of the providers there, Dr. Speegle, Dr. Maestas and Janice. We are always pleased with how well we are taken care of. They all listen to our needs and take the time to address them. The receptionists are always pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Speegle was a great help during my pregnancy and helping keep me in tip top shape during the whole pregnancy. They have my highest recommendation.

- Megan 

Great service and even better results

Every time we come to Speegle Sport and Spine we come out feeling much better. They listen and work hard to get to the root cause of your pains to resolve them. Excellent service, friendly, and highly efficient.

- Richard G

Professional, KNOWLEDGEABLE staff and service!

Dr. Speegle's sports background , training, healing hands , and compassionate understanding give his patients the support and assistance they need to heal. The new office space and extra staff for rehab will be fantastic.

- Delores C

Great Results

I came to see Dr. Speegle specifically to help with chronic left elbow pain incurred from Crossfit. After only two visits, the pain had diminished significantly. I was very impressed with every aspect of my visits. Dr. Speegle provided in-depth personal attention and very specific treatment of the affected area. I highly recommend his services!

- Jeff B

Life Changing Experience

I am grateful beyond measure for the skills and talents of Dr. Speegle. I have lived with chronic pain for over 25 years. Receiving trigger point therapies and adjustments here has allowed my to manage like never before. I wish I would have known about this a long time ago. Don't delay. Schedule today.

- Vivian F

Professional and KNOWLEDGEABLE

I have been seeing Nick Speegle off and on for three years for lower back/neck issues and pain. He treated me throughout my two pregnancies as well and does an incredible job accessing and sorting out where the pain comes from. He never rushes the visit and gives me exercises to help strengthen the area. I recommend all of my friends to him, very professional and passionate.

- Brittney M

Very good at what he does.

He is a great person who likes what he does and who is really great at it. He is true people person and knows how to communicate. I would recommend him very highly.

- Eric S.

One of a kind

I go see Speegle after abusing my 50 year old body from tennis and working out and he always puts me back together! At 50 I have never felt better and Dr Speegle is one of the main reasons I can keep going like I’m 25!

- Julia B 


I have seen Dr. Speegle on numerous occassions for apparent pinched nerve (sciatica?). It flares up every couple of months, leaving me in constant pain. After seeing Dr. Speegle my pain is substantially relieved. I highly recommend him!

- Jennie S.

A Miracle Worker!!

Nick is absolutely phenomenal - he not only works on me but I trust him to work on my son. Couldn't ask for a more diligent and caring individual.

- Jessica G.

Feeling better!

Dr. Speegle has helped relieve the pain in my back with his dry needling and adjustments. He takes his time at my appointments and makes me feel comfortable when I have to bring my kids to my appointments.

- Stephanie L


Doctor Speegle is awesome! He really tooks the time to figure out the root cause of my problem and has brought me back to a place where I am comfortable working out again.

- A.G